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Moist Heat/Cold
Carpal Cuff

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Item #34520 MEDIBEADS Carpal Cuff
Packaging: Polybag

The MediBeads Carpal Cuff works without restricting movement, so can be worn while typing or exercising. For moist-heat therapy, just microwave for a minute or two, and enjoy deeply penetrating moist heat therapy for up to 30 minutes. The patent-pending MediBeads sewn into the wrap absorb moisture from the air to create moist heat, so no water or mess is involved. For cold therapy, just place in freezer before using.


  • Microwavable carpal cuff produces therapeutic "clean moist heat" to ease
    the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Can also be used forcold therapy by freezing before use
  • Can be worn without restricting movement for range-of-motion activities
  • Patent-pending design is antibacterial, anti fungal, and odor free
  • All natural, drug-free, therapy at home, work or anywhere
  • Washable and reusable
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