Finally, easy-to-use pain relief solutionS!

Our innovative line of therapeutic pain relief products offer a natural solution to acute and chronic pain.

Featured in our Moist Heat Therapy Products is Bruder’s patented MediBeads technology line. MediBeads wraps and compresses release a deeply penetrating moist heat, in minutes from of the microwave. These products are Ideal for rehabilitation pain, back, neck, or shoulder injuries, muscle sprains and strains, joint pain, arthritis, Fibromyalgia and more.

In the Cold Therapy Products you will find patented ProtoCold Reusable Cold Therapy Pads which deliver immediate pain relief in a unique non-gel pad. Simply remove from your freezer and apply! These time-released cold therapy products are perfect for soothing acute pain caused by high impact activities and relieving symptoms of acute pain.

Both MediBeads Moist Heat Wraps and ProtoCold Pads come in a variety of sizes to contour comfortably around the site of pain.

Learn more about what distinguishes our thermal pain management products below.