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Bruder Sanitizer with Glass Beads, Dry Heat glass bead sanitizer, metal instrument sanitizer, ophthalmic instrument sanitizer

with Glass Beads

Price : $125.00

Item #98200 
BRUDER Dry Heat Glass Bead Sanitizer with 1 bag of glass beads

Voltage: 110V - 60Hz,  Power: 100W 

Perfect for use with Bruder Meibomian Gland Expression Instruments and all metal instruments.

  • The Bruder Sanitizer is a quick, easy-to-use and effective alternative to traditional methods of cleaning.
  • Once switched ‘ON’, the unit is ready to use within 30 minutes. Sanitizes within 30 seconds. 
  • The compact electric 3-prong unit maintains temperatures between with  240°C - 260°C.

NOTE: Glass Bead Sanitizers are not FDA approved as sterilizers.

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