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Karpecki-Linstrom OSD Gold Instrument Set, Bruder ophthalmic instrument, ophthalmic instrument set, Collins Expressor Forceps, Bruder Epilation Forceps, Karpecki-Linstrom Punctal plug Forceps, Karpecki-Linstrom Bandage Lens Forceps, Karpekci-Lindstrom Debrider

OSD Gold Instrument Set

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Item #99800

KARPECKI-LINDSTROM Gold Line Instrument Set
For Meibomian Gland Expression

Dr. Paul Karpecki and Dr. Richard Lindstrom have collaborated to create an Ocular Surface Disease Set. This exclusive set features 5 handcrafted GERMAN STAINLESS instruments with gold coated handles.

  • 1 - Collins Expressor Forceps, Gold Line
  • 1 - Bruder Epilation Forceps, Gold Line
  • 1 - Karpecki-Lindstrom Punctal Plug Forceps
  • 1 - Karpecki-Lindstrom Bandage Lens Forceps
  • 1 - Karpecki-Lindstrom Debrider"
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