Focus On Underlying Dry Eye to Improve Contact Lens Discomfort & Dropout

Paul M. Karpecki, OD discusses ways to improve contact lens discomfort & dropout in his Through My Eyes column in the April issue of Review of Optometry. The column discusses how focusing on the underlying dry eye, rather than simply changing lenses, has the potential to recoup billions of dollars in lost revenue per year. 

According to the article, the number one reason for dropout described by patients is dryness and irritation. So it’s important to start treating dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction early. 

Karpecki mentions that a recent study found that the new Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress (a moist compress featuring patented MediBeads technology) can increase comfortable contact lens wear time by up to three hours when used for 10 minutes per day. Read the Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress Abstract. 


 Read Dr. Karpecki's column

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