Involve Patients in Their Care

Doctor-patient treatment partnerships enhance treatment results

Dedicated eye care professionals know that every patient is different. Each patient experiences a unique combination of symptoms that require a specialized treatment approach. New research shows patients that are more involved in their own care experience better outcomes than patients that are less involved in their treatment. Creating a doctor-patient treatment partnership will help you increase patient compliance and improve outcomes at your practice.

A “Stackable” Treatment Approach

Dr. Matossian in the March issue of Ophthalmology Management explains how we can discuss issues like ocular surface disease and dry eye disease with our patients as “stackable” diseases; “A ‘stackable disease,’ meaning we’ll stack one treatment on top of another until we reach the level where the eye is comfortable and the inflammation is controlled.” Explaining chronic eye conditions in this manner will allow patients to understand that there are many layers of treatment that require both their involvement as a patient and your involvement as their eye care professional.

Creating a Doctor-Patient Treatment Partnership

Once your patient understands that chronic eye conditions, like dry eye disease,  require a “stackable” treatment approach, you can dive into the specifics of your doctor-patient treatment partnership. What strategies are you going to employ to treat your patient’s chronic eye disease? What will the patient be responsible for doing on a daily basis? What will you, the practitioner, be responsible for? How often will you meet to discuss your patient’s treatment?

Easy-to-Use Moist Heat Eye Compress for Eye Hydration

Empower your eyecare patients with the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress, an easy-to-use at-home treatment  compress that naturally helps to improve eye hydration, relieves dry eye symptoms, and improves ocular surface health. The Bruder compress is easily incorporated into your patient’s daily routine, increasing compliance, and helping them to satisfy a simple step in their stackable treatment approach. Patients simply microwave and apply the Bruder Moist Heat Therapy Eye Compress to stimulate the natural production of lipid oils and increase the stability of the tear film layer. Experiencing immediate relief from the moist heat eye compress will encourage your patients to stick with other items in their treatment regimen, like taking ocular supplements, which take longer to see results.

Daily Eyelid Hygiene Made Easy

Patients treating blepharitis or styes may benefit from a daily eyelid hygiene routine. Bruder’s Hygienic EyeLid Sheets make it easy to keep the pores and glands surrounding the eyes clean and also increase the efficacy of moist heat therapy when used in tandem with the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress. Offer the complete line of Bruder eye care products at your practice to further involve patients in their care and improve treatment results and customer satisfaction.

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