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You just diagnosed a patient with dry eye disease, a chronic disease that requires a lifetime of treatment.. They are probably experiencing a mixture of shock and relief as they process the diagnosis. Finally, something to blame for their chronic dry, itchy, tired eyes! This is crucial moment for you, the healthcare practitioner, to help patients understand the nature of dry eye disease, the wide spectrum of treatment options available, and to establish the doctor-patient treatment partnership. Educating and empowering your clients with in-office eye care solutions will improve treatment outcomes, patient compliance, and overall customer satisfaction.

Educate & Empower Eye Care Clients

Patti Barkey, CEO Bowden Eye & Associates, writes in her recent article for Ophthalmic Professional advocating for a system of educating and empowering patients with dry eye symptoms. “When it is clear that patients need treatment, they should not leave with nothing in hand or scheduled.” You can help your patient avoid confusion at the local pharmacy or online by offering them trustworthy educational resources and providing products in your office.

Educational Dry Eye Resources

Bruder offers a variety of educational resources for your clients. Direct patients to to explore our collection of dry eye educational resources including helpful articles and treatment solutions. Bruder also provides displays and patient literature at no charge for practices stocking the Bruder Moist Heat Therapy Compress. Log in to our professional portal to get additional brochures at no charge, in office videos, and more.

Create a Doctor-Patient Treatment Partnership

Dry eye disease is a chronic and progressive disease. Your patients will experience symptoms of relative severity as the disease advances. As you educate your patient about the stages, symptoms, and treatment options for dry eye disease, take this opportunity to solidify your doctor-patient treatment partnership. Help them understand that treating their dry eye disease will require their involvement as well as yours.

Presenting Treatment Options

As you know, there are many components to a successful, comprehensive dry eye treatment approach. Barkey believes, it’s not our job as practitioners to sell things to them, but rather to present the benefits of what we have to offer to help their condition and let them decide where to spend their money.  Patients will pay for the products and solutions they want and what they believe will be helpful to them.

Offering In-Office Eye Care Solutions

Provide your patients with effective, affordable solutions by offering Bruder eye care products including the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress, Single Eye Compress, Cold Eye Compress, and Hygienic Eyelid Sheets. These products are ideal for patient’s that require a multifaceted treatment approach. Patients can easily incorporate these products into their daily routine to improve eye hydration, ocular surface health, and lid hygiene.

Bruder Professional Portal

Bruder’s Professional Portal offers eye care professionals an opportunity to learn more about our innovative products, access educational patients resources, order, and more. Visit and click “Professional Login” in the upper right hand corner to create your login information and start browsing products and resources. Use the Bruder Professional Portal and start offering in-office eye care solutions that improve treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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